2 down, 1 to go…

Well TexOS Project 1 just had its 2nd weekend. The first weekend of Project 1 the students learned about the difference between Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX being proprietary software verses the Linux Operating system which is Open Source Software. They also learned why the Linux Operating System is more secure due to the fact that you have to be Root User (administrator) before you can install anything. Meaning you have to type in your password before you do any administrator functions. This is why Linux doesn’t require a virus scanner, malware or spyware software.

This past weekend the students learned how to install 30,000+ software packages with a click of mouse. The software packages range from a drawing package designed for a two year old, all the way up to electrical engineering and quantum physics.

LibreOffice is the installed word processing / productivity package which is like Microsoft Office. The students used LibreOffice Impress, for presentations, to make a presentation about an Element from the Periodic Table. The software they downloaded from the Software Center was Kalzium. This allowed the students to search for an Element’s Atomic Weight/Mass, its boiling point, and the year it was discovered.

4 thoughts on “2 down, 1 to go…

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  2. Who are you? This is great!!! I have been promoting Linux and Open Source Software in Texas since 1998. I even hosted a Linux in Education conference in 2003. The old website is here – http://hagle.com/indexa.html .

    I taught for 28 years and am now sort of semi-retired. Let me know if there is something I can do to help.

    You are absolutely correct that OSS could save education. It could also save dyslexic kids.

    Marilyn :)

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