Open Source Software and Tiny Lil’ Seats

I work with 2 people who happen to sit on the board for the San Angelo Early Childhood Center – . They asked if I had any software that might help out their 6 computers for their kids.

The systems had Windows XP, which didn’t seem to be running very well, so I decided to leave that be and dual boot the machines using the kid friendly QIMO education Linux Distro (distribution).

Above is 4 of the 6 QIMO Linux workstations for kids.

Because the San Angelo Early Childhood computers did not need to be hooked up to the Internet, they donated 3 (slim/low case profile) wifi network cards to the Adult Literacy Center (ALC) computers that TexOS is working on as well. A few of the ALC computers needed the smaller slim WiFi networking cards. Which the ALC users do need to get on the Internet. It was a win/win for all!

I’ll have an update on the ALC install soon as well!

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