Liberate Yourself

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“Chances are you must have already heard something about Linux in the lines of:

  • Linux is hard
  • Linux is a hacker tool
  • Linux is for hardcore geeks

I am sorry to disappoint you but these are not true.
Linux is no harder to use than Windows and in many ways a better alternative to it. When it comes to hacking any OS can be used as a “Hacker tool”. Linux is not just for hardcore geeks , Linux is for everyone.
Few(of the many)Advantages of Linux are:

  • Linux is versatile. Most of the Linux distributions are free of cost like Ubuntu(which is the most popular and widely used Linux distro).
  • Linux is easy to install. I had only followed the installation instructions provided on the Ubuntu download page and then the installer itself when I installed Ubuntu for the first time.
  • Linux is very stable. And even if the system crashes(which is an off case)the whole system doesn’t goes down.The Blue Screen Of Death that most Windows users will be familiar with is not a worry for the Linux users.
  • Linux is Virus free. I don’t sit around wasting my time on running a resource hogging Antivirus Software for which a Windows users would actually pay for(and even then you can’t be sure that you are 100% safe).
  • Linux doesn’t slows down with usage and passage of time. Also there is no need to defragment your hard disks on it.
  • Linux can breathe new life into old computers! If you have an older computer (especially Pentium III or later) laying around, you can install Linux and in essence have a new computer. In many cases Linux will run faster and you can do all of the basics such as browse the Internet, email, play games, and create and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It should also be mentioned that Linux runs great on newer computers as well.
  • Linux can free you from the clutches of Software “Piracy”(although the correct terms would be “unauthorized copying” or “prohibited copying” for the situation where it is illegal). If you are a Muslim reader know this, “Piracy” is HARAAM because stealing is Haraam. It does not matter in which form you are doing it, Stop it now before its too late.
  • Linux has applications galore.There is a wealth of applications available to Linux users, again most of them are Free of cost. Popular applications like Mozilla Firefox,Mozilla Thunderbird,Google Chrome(which initiated from the Chromium project),Vlc,Amarok,Audacity and many more come under the banner of FOSS. Also check these Linux Equivalents to Windows Software , 50 Open Source replacements for Really Expensive Software , Top 50 best Linux apps 2011.
  • Linux is more than just a Software, Linux is a Community. A Community of varied Individuals from different walks of life, having different belief systems but have one thing in common. We All Choose To Be LIBERATED.
  • Linux has great support system. There is support available for any of your queries/problems on different levels through various mediums(Documentation,Forums,Tutorials,Live chat with fellow users and support providers on IRC channels and more)[2].
  • If you want to know about more advantages check these:

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$35 Computer – Raspberry Pi

Image if you had your old (dumb)TV sitting there without any interaction other than channel up and down. What if you plugged a cable into one of those may unused HDMI ports? Then with the cost of a wireless keyboard and mouse (if you wanted to get fancy) $40. And just $35 for the COMPUTER. That’s right. Full computer functionality, for just $35. It’s the Raspberry Pi. You could have a computer with all its glory running on your TV! Here are some recent articles of the ‘Pi, in the news.

What some boy scouts are doing with the Raspberry Pi!

LibreOffice – Words to live by, Words to type by!

There are still a number of people I run across who hadn’t heard of LibreOffice. However, most have heard of OpenOffice. I then explain the back story of the “split” and how LibreOffice founded the Document Foundation. Thus gives us “Words to live by, Words to type by!” (the following was posted on LibreOffice Facebook page)


  • to eliminate the digital divide in society by giving everyone access to office productivity tools free of charge to enable them to participate as full citizens in the 21st century
  • to support the preservation of mother tongues by encouraging all peoples to translate, document, support, and promote our office productivity tools in their mother tongue
  • to allow users of office productivity software to retain the intellectual property in the documents they create by use of open document formats and open standards
  • to an open and transparent peer-reviewed software development process where technical excellence is valued

  • the ownership of office productivity tools by monopoly suppliers which imposes a de-facto tax on global electronic free speech and penalises the economically disadvantaged
  • the creeping domination of computer desktops by a single language forcing people to learn a foreign language before they can express themselves electronically
  • the ownership of file formats by proprietary software companies – documents belong to their creators, not software vendors
  • a closed software development process where errors can lie hidden and poor quality is accepted


  • the home for our activities should be an independent self-governing democratic foundation
  • membership of the foundation will be open to any individual who agrees with our core values and contributes to our activities
  • we encourage corporate participation, e.g. by sponsoring individuals to work as equals alongside other contributors in the community

(The Document Foundation’s Manifesto, also available here: