What is Open Source?

OSS communities have thousands of users that contribute, collaborate, share, learn and teach various aspects of their project. These users include programmers, graphic designers, subject matter experts, content creators and many other various contributors. This not only helps more communities to become involved, but allows more institutions to take advantage of this collaborative growth and benefit within their institution.

Open Source generally refers to Open Source Software (OSS). OSS is software that allows users to change the source code; to include view, modify, learn from and share the source code with others.

OSS is often mistaken for “Freeware” or “Shareware” programs. Those programs are normally designed to distribute software to others on a trial timed-bases, if you like it, you buy it. They are also closed source (proprietary) so you can’t see the source code or change the program to fit your needs. Some “Freeware” may even come with viruses that let others have access to personal data.

OSS is Free as in Price, as well as Free as in Freedom. A user is free to view the code, change it and give it to others. This freedom creates possibility, innovation, and collaboration. The TexOS Project seeks to promote the Open Source Mindset to increase educational achievement regardless of economic ability by encouraging all children to actively engage in learning and by offering opportunity for engagement with technology.